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Top 8 Interior Designers to follow in Instagram

Top 8 Interior Designers to follow on Instagram

How have you been choosing interior designs all these days in Chennai? Catalogs? Pictures of previous designs! Utmost Google? Yes, possibly that’s how you have been looking. The images get repetitive in Google search, after a point. The Catalogs and previous works are no more relevant. You might not really know about the design world out there, with Catalogs and Google Images.
The design world is evolving. With lots of customizations and more customer values. People are hunting for new designs. And Social Media help them a lot. There are many interior design bloggers and Instagrammers out there, who throw out a daily dose of designs to get inspired from.
Things are getting simple, with Instagram. It’s out and out Image medium with a great User Experience to hang on. Follow interior designers around the world, blend in with their ideas and outlook. Get creative and move on to more designs.

Follow these Instagrammers for your daily dose of interior inspiration

Jonathan Adler
He’s one among the Rocker Stars of Interior Design. He’s a designer, Author, Entrepreneur. He is a big shark in the industry with lots of stores in the United States. His designs are a direct reflection of his experience and expertise.

Live the luxe life.

A post shared by Jonathan Adler (@jonathanadler) on

Hannah Bullivant
If you are looking for interior designs that connect with Mother nature, then this is the way to start. Her designs are elegant and connect with the green.

Sponsored: I used to kill plants habitually. But in the last few years, since I had my babies and began working from home, I have found, to my surprise, that my fingers were a bit green. Some of our plants are 5 years old now and 5 times the size they were when we bought them. I have ended up with plants that thrive on a bit of neglect, which helps, too! I find the act of tending to them surprisingly soothing; the watering, the re-potting, the moving them around. I talk to them, reassure them, compliment them on their growth, bid them hello in the afternoon when I get home. I also find their presence in a room soothing too; the gentle hum of life they radiate. They clean the air we breathe as well as adding texture and softness. Plants, I love you. ❤️🌿😍. – – In our new house I have much more space for my plant babies, so I was thrilled to receive a few new ones from @bloomboxclub a plant subscription service. The plants arrive well packed (in recyclable materials, thumbs up) and come with stylish pots that I would actually choose, so you literally just put it on your shelf. Yesss! They seem hardy too. Fingers crossed…. anyone else found that magic neglect vs care balance by accident?! #spon

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Ashley Whittaker
She’s a Neo-traditionalist. Based out of New York. Her designs speak for a mix of tradition and modern. Classy meets the urban.

Dining room goals. #nathanialrussellhouse #charleston #1808

A post shared by Ashley Whittaker (@ashleywhittakerdesign) on

Rita Konig
A Brit, a columnist, and a designer. The Brit nature springs in her designs, it’s classy sprinkled all over.

Alyssa Kapito
Textures ring with Alyssa. The textures in the design speak volumes. She has donned the cover of the Interior Design magazines.

Get to work here ❤️ #studiokapito #loveyourworkspace (📷 @kirstenrfrancis)

A post shared by Alyssa Kapito Interiors (@alyssakapitointeriors) on

Nick Oslen
Bold colors, patterns, overscale gestures and modern artwork. This is all that he lives on.

She works with family. And the designs are synonymous with peace. Another nature lover on the block. The designs are refreshing.

Lexi Westergard
Monochrome and layers lover. It’s white white white and layers all around. Lots of layers to look around.

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