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Kitchen Storage and Space Ideas

The space never gets filled, but still, space is never enough. This perfectly sums up a Chennai kitchen. The interior looks spacious, yet it needs more space to accustom utensils. Indians have a lot to store; Kitchens are probably like a bank to most Indian homemakers. With the wide range of daily use products in the kitchen, they often seem helpless with space issues. Chennai being a metro and lots of options to purchase; people stack things. Sometimes monthly groceries' breath for space. Let’s look at some ideas, to clear space.

Kitchen interior basically branches to cleaning, cooking and storing place. Where storing and cooking must be of closer proximity.

Float your spices

          Spices are an integral part of a Chennai kitchen. They trade the soul with taste; it’s incomplete to have a kitchen without spices. They need be kept closer to the cooking place. It’ll be much convenient to throw the spices then and there. Rather than picking spices together. Have small floating shelves that can accommodate, the mandatory spices. Special occasion spices could find a spot in the cupboard.

Hang them

          Spatula, spoons,pans are the integrals of kitchen. It’s better to hang them below the floating shelves. Easy to pick em and use. Day to day fresh vegetables can also be placed in hanging containers. They do look intriguing. Large utensils do find their place in top storage. Use these hangers effectively to even hang lids.

Bottle things

          Colorful bottles and jars can up the aesthetics of the kitchen interior. They can be used to place spoons, spatulas, knives and other tableware. Even jelly beans, salt, sugar, cereals,nuts, legumes can be bottled.

Plates dry soon

          Plates no matter what don’t occupy much space. They can be staked up, spaced out. The best way to place them is on stand, so they have more air circulation; it does help em dry soon. Can be practically placed near sink.

Place em proper

Kitchen interior has all the proper space, if used well. Place towels near to sink and basin. Reuse cans to keep minimal things. Place the refrigerator a bit away from the chaos. Mixers, juicers, ovens can find a corner spot. It’s better to give them some air and bit away from moisture and heat. Have some kitchen clothes placed in few places, nearby hangers, stands and oven.

The lower deck

The lower deck is useful for rice bags, unused utensils, large utensils. Basically things that are used less can have a perfect spot. They can be used as common storage racks. Instant food packets, cookies, snacks can be placed. The bin can comfortably placed in lower decks, better be open space.Kitchen interior space is all about your needs and your working style. Try not to stack it to make a storage room.

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