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Interior Design Ideas for Kitchen Design

There is no doubt that Kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend most of our time in the kitchen, beaten only by the bedroom, so it becomes really important to have a kitchen that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

From preparing meals, having family meal times to hosting parties, and helping children with their homework, the kitchen plays different roles for different purposes. So, it’s crucial to infuse practical yet stylish interiors into this multi-functional space that stands the test of time.

Refurbishing can be intimidating and to make your task a little less daunting, we have come up with 6 design ideas that will help you create the perfect heart for your home.

Parallel Kitchen or the Galley Kitchen

When it comes to the primary use of kitchen, cooking, there is no better layout for kitchen design other than Parallel Kitchen. It comprises of two parallel walls with a walkway in the middle which makes it easier to design cabinets.

Tip: You can turn one of the walls with appliances and cabinets into an island for a chic version of a Galley Kitchen.

One-Wall Kitchen


Also called a Straight Kitchen, places all three work centers (refrigerator, sink, and stove) in a single straight line. Ideally, for small studio apartments, this kitchen is convenient and practical as appliances and cabinets get mounted on a single wall.

Tip: You can always add a small island, making it look a little like Galley Kitchen.

Horseshoe KitchenHorseshoe-Kitchen-Modern-Interior-Concepts

This kitchen layout, also called U-shaped Kitchen, allows sufficient space for prepping, cooking, storage, and even a small space for eating. This is a classic layout for houses having large kitchen spaces and for those who enjoy spending most of their time in the kitchen.

Tip: Adding color to this layout can turn this horseshoe kitchen into a modern and pleasant kitchen design.

Penninsula Kitche or G-shapped Kitchen


This layout resembles a parallel kitchen layout without one wall. It contains a connected island with access from three sides. The free-standing workplace or the peninsula can be used as storage, countertop, or eating area. It offers all the benefits of island worktop whilst using less floor space.

Tip: Adding a few plants to the layout will bring the outdoors inside that will make for a wonderful natural environment.

Island KitchenIsland-Kitchen-Modern-Inteior-Concepts

This is a kitchen design layout that includes a countertop that is detached from the main kitchen and is accessible from all sides. The island provides space for storage, food preparations, and can be used as a table for meals. The accessibility from all the sides also makes moving around easy and allows interaction with family and friends.

Tip: You can build your countertop waist high or even higher and fit it with overhead lights to transform the traditional island kitchen design to modern kitchen design.

L-shaped Kitchenl-shaped-kitchen-modern-interior-concepts

This kitchen design is ideal for small houses and has small floor spaces. This popular layout provides a continuous working platform, which makes it easier to work. The two walls used in the L-shaped layout can be used for cabinets and appliances that allow an efficient design for combining the three workstations smoothly.

Tip: Depending on your needs and space left over, you can also accommodate a small island or a small dining table.
Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, make sure that you design your kitchen, keeping in mind that the interior kitchen design you are using is not suffocating and relaxing for the user.

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