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Interior Design Ideas for Bed Rooms

Bedroom interior ideas for Chennai

Chennai the bustling metro is filled with colours, fast phased work, people of different origin, places, climates, feelings; and at the end of the day it’s the pillow that has to take all the work load. Bedrooms are the life of your soul. It takes you in and makes you feel warm, after all commotion. So the interior of a bedroom can never be compromised and it never must be. It’s the creative place where most influential decisions are made. It’s not just a room to store clothes and jewels; it’s where you spend most part of the life. Considering the space limitations in Chennai, the following ideas could light your interiors.

The Bed

It’s the most essential part of a bedroom interior, choose it simple. It’s personal and has much fewer interactions with outsiders, so being simple does the trick. Can go for free flowing beds, rather than the typical kingish type. Choose beds that come with storage; Tamils and Chennaites do respect that. It feeds the alter ego. Beds should be fluffy, comfy and should draw you in instantly. Go for hard beds if there are any back problems. Make sure the cot has the woodenish layers;they easily go with all spreads.


Layer it out

Most of Chennai is warm, a layered interior could make all the difference. Layering makes the interior look more artful. Different shade of layers could be added for the beds and pillows, usually from light to dark. A monochrome interior fits the bill. The interior should look like a layered pastry. Use clothings that are smooth and not silky. Windows, screen and rugs can be from light to dark. A proper rug picks the perfect points and kneads the foot; for a placid sleep.



Space it out

Space is so crucial with Chennai rooms. People need a lot to be in bedroom, yet the space is less. Use storage beds, push bed into corners. Use more vertical space to enhance the interiors. Add closet to the sides of the bed; it’ll be both easy use and a space saver. Use floating shelves to reduce the wardrobe area. Loft beds are more creative and makes more room for other essentials.


Bedroom accessories

Use large mirrors for more attraction and place them near windows. Place the closet opposite to the mirror, it makes more sense. The mirror goes in hand with dressing table, that flaunts brass tone. Place fewer pillows it makes the interior appealing. Pictures enhances a great feel to the interiors. Place it just opposite to the bed, so you see it as you wake up. Makes you feel good right from minute one.


Plants to spice up

Plants add an immense value to the interiors. They throw life in air as fragrance; the very thought of having a small bloom makes puts a smile. The smell of mud infused with the aroma of flowers and a conversation makes the day worthwhile. They do speak a ton.


Visual Trickery

Visual enhancements and trickery is the last arrow in the quiver. When practically things fail, great visuals come to the aid. By far it’s human psychology. The wallpapers and wall decors can turn time around. With mild dose of lights, it makes the bedroom interior a paradise. Choose lights that don’t occupy the centre and that doesn’t hit the face straight. Place lights on top of mirrors and near closets.


Bedroom interiors connect to you directly, since it’s the actual living place. End of the day it’s the place to speak out the mind, rest, think upon and relax. And why not do it with the best interiors and designs.


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