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Game of Thrones Home Decor Ideas for Chennai

It’s not 2019, but has GOT gone out of the trend? Never! With GOT having a huge following across the globe, Chennai is no different. It has become something relatable to most of the series freak’s lives. There is lot of collectibles out there. And the placement of a GOT collectible will light your interior for sure. Theme need not stretch across your house. Rather, it could be contained to a single room. It will definitely make the series fanatic in your house more merry.

Wall Decors

            Walls are the prominent feature of a house. If you can spice it up with a Westeros Map or House Flags. Undeniably it will stand out from the rest. You can make your own great Wall.

And moreover each house has its own philosophy. Decor with your favourite GOT house. It will not go down that soon.

Mats and Rugs

            Welcome people in old Valyrian. That’s pretty different right. Rather than the prescribed Welcome Mats that’s been there ever since. And there are some people who always remain close to heart, HODOR. Give HODOR your respect.









And why not Westeros Map as a Rug. Even Cersei Lannister would love to have it in her interiors. Great, isn’t it?

Count, of the King

Count your time with GOT themed wall clocks. They look super cool; with lots of customization available in clock. You can choose your favourite character and make your interior.

















What if Wildfire bottles can decor your Kitchen

            Think of WildFire bottles in your kitchen, where you can put in your traditional spices and some kitchen ingredients.













Take rest with GOT cushions

            GOT themed cushion can make everyone say yes. It adds layers to the interior. With varying colors matching your furniture, it does sync well.

Light the candles

            If you are a great fan of candle light dinners, ensure you don’t miss these.

With lots of seasons to research and one coming up. There could be more space for some potential interior ideas.

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